Catalyst OrthoScience is disrupting the usual approaches to shoulder replacement surgery. The Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System is unique, offering precision and accuracy in shoulder restoration while preserving the patient’s bone and soft tissue. At Catalyst OrthoScience, our goal is to develop innovative medical solutions that make orthopedic surgery less invasive and more efficient for both surgeons and patients. Learn more about how the Catalyst CSR system may work for you!

What People Are Saying About Catalyst

  • Timothy G.
    I’ve used the Catalyst system for the last year with tremendous results in patients with end-stage shoulder arthritis. The system allows anatomic reconstruction of the glenohumeral joint with a minimally invasive approach, and simple, easy to use, instrumentation. My patients are recovering quicker, with less pain, and have very good short-term results compared to patients that have a more standard, stemmed design.
    Timothy G.
    Reish, M.D.
  • J. Michael
    I have been using the Catalyst shoulder prosthesis for all my anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty cases since 2017. I have used most of the other systems currently available and have found that the Catalyst is simply the most anatomic system on the market. The fit is a precise anatomic reconstruction in every single case. The surgical technique and instrumentation are pared down and streamlined, and the cases go much quicker. The system is easy to learn - the X-rays from my first Catalyst case looked perfect! I have been doing less soft tissue releases with the Catalyst, which means less postoperative pain and a faster recovery for my patients.
    J. Michael
    Wiater, M.D.
  • Annette R.
    All I can say is WOW. In March of 2016, I had my right shoulder replaced. Then in January 2017, I had total shoulder replacement on the left side [with] the new Catalyst Total Shoulder System. I thought my right shoulder replacement surgery was fine because it was all I knew at the time. My result with Catalyst is so much better. After the right shoulder surgery, I slept in a chair for 3 weeks. This time, on the very first night after surgery, I slept in my bed the whole night. I felt really good and was virtually pain-free. Three months later, I feel like I haven’t even had surgery. I am able to put dishes away on the top shelf and hang clothes without difficulty or pain. I definitely could not do that at this point after my right shoulder surgery.
    Annette R.
    Edina, MN


October 14, 2020

Virtual Reality Brings The Future Of Shoulder Arthroplasty To Surgeons With Catalyst OrthoScience, Immertec Technologies

With the ongoing pandemic affecting in-person meetings and travel, two companies worked to bring surgeon training into the future using virtual reality (VR). Catalyst OrthoScience Inc. (Catalyst), a medical device company focused on the upper extremity orthopedics market, presented a training lab for surgeons across the country using Immertec’s proprietary VR platform Medoptic.
October 17, 2019

Catalyst OrthoScience Features Two New Products, William Levine, MD Presents The Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System at ASES 2019 Annual Meeting

William Levine, MD presents the Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System, including two new components, during the 2019 ASES meeting on Saturday, Oct. 19.